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Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Friendliest Town on the Trail

Greetings from our two trail steppers, from Damascus, Virginia, "The friendliest town on the Appalachian Trial." Josh and Joanne have now logged 459 miles. "While there have been difficult times, we are both doing well," writes Josh. And even after all these months on the trail, they have their priorities right, "We've also developed something of a reputation for being the late starters every day, often sleeping to 9-10am. We still have to hike everyday to cover the 10-18 miles before dark." Josh adds, in his note to the CBS Radio newsroom, " [I] want everyone to know they're in my thoughts." And you both are on ours!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Brrr... it's cold!

Our Fearless Duo have been traveling for several weeks now and they've put 300 miles behind them. Josh says they're having a great time, but not all of it has been fun. "The Smokies were very, very cold. I'm talking frost on the ground, snow hanging out around the bases of trees, temperatures below freezing until 10am or so and not much warmer all day cold." Josh says at times he couldn't feel his hands, and working on his pack was impossible without first warming his digits.

The two were sidelined for a couple of days in Hot Springs, North Carolina, with a foot injury. Poor hiking shoes bruised tendons in Joanne's feet. And, a stomach virus forced the pair to hitch it to Gatlinburg, TN. But, with a little rest and a new pair of shoes they're on their way to Damascus, Virginia, which, at last count, is about 188 miles away.

Their trip continues to yield new friendships and with ever-interesting names, like TABA, who, "is trying to operate a mobile hiker hostel out of a cargo truck."

We expect to be getting more updates and even pictures, so stay tuned!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Smokey Mtns, here we come!

It’s been more than two months since Josh and Joanne bid farewell to the city, New York City, and put life on their shoulders, and the world at their feet, and began their trek across the great Appalachian trial. So far the duo has logged more than 110 miles, but we’re reminded that only a fifth of their journey has been accomplished.

Bad luck befell the couple just as they were beginning, “Stove broke the first night. Joanne took a picture of it and it worked for one more meal and died…I had to buy a new stove five days later at Neel’s Gap,” writes Josh.

The terrain has been tough but two are getting their hiking legs, averaging 10-12 miles a day. It’s been wet, says Josh. “Our rain gear works well and has been put to the test on several occasions.” Along the way, Josh shares, “We’re having the times of our lives and meeting new, interesting people every night. After two weeks, Joanne and I are both noticeably stronger and thinner.” Yes, people like ‘Elf’ and ‘Beefstick’. These are nicknames for some of the other hikers. Joanne has even been anointed, ‘KG’, Korean Girl.

The couple now begins their ascent into the Smokey Mountains, “the longest section of the Southern Appalachian Trail.” That means 74 miles without a re-supply or a shower.

We wish Josh and Joanne (a.k.a. KG) all the best. We love you, we miss you, and we think, maybe we can smell you now, too!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Turn the Page

After weeks of preparation, and fighting with oversized backpacks and scrupulous scales, Josh and Joanne are on their way to hike the Appalachian trial! Josh and Joanne spent weeks attacking the hills rolling along Josh's family estate in Kentucky, which, I'm told, is actually above the Mason-Dixon line. My bad. With the parents' living room carpeted with zip lock bags, they both took turns drying fruit and other delectables, while pleading with the scales to shave a couple of extra ounces from their packs.

The recently engaged couple are now ready to test their metal in the grueling months-long journey across the Appalachian Mountains.

We wish them God's speed and good luck. We love you guys.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Prelude to a Move

Josh and Joanne have asked me [duane] to help set up an online portal into their adventure on the Appalachian Trail. They will be sending updates, and a few pictures, on their trek through the wilderness approximately every week.

The recently engaged couple will be heading to Kentucky to begin their final preparation in about a week and a half. Most recently they have been buying boxes and bubble wrap, and fighting with the sales team at the Container Store over storage tape.

Their final send off will be this Saturday:

"As most of you know, Joanne and I are leaving the city at the end of the month. Before we disappear into the wild, though, we'd like a chance to see you all one last time. Some folks are getting together at THE GINGER MAN (11 E.36th St b/w Madison & 5th Ave) around 8pm this Saturday. If you're free, we'd love it if you could stop by for a bit. If not, we'll be sure to see you once my beard's grown out a few inches. Take care.

Our next update will be a week from Sunday, after Josh and Joanne ride off into the sunset in their U-Haul truck, headed south of the Mason-Dixon Line.